Flat Ground Thunder: Coldvision is about to release 1200 Lumen LED Intelligent Projection

Time: 2018-10-19
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In recent years, LED intelligent projector with its "100 inch screen" and "easy to use" characteristics, driven by the capital boom, in the role of technological upgrading, in the bombardment of advertisements, in an Internet-style conference, finally in the audio-visual digital products, a new force emerged. From the concept of "miniature projector" to "mobile cinema" and "no screen TV", LED intelligent projection has gradually lost the branding of "business equipment" in the user's impression, putting on more bright new clothes of "intelligent hardware", "fashion video" and "Internet +".

Intelligent LED projector is projection, and the first index of projector is brightness. But this vital indicator has always been the deadly bottleneck of the development of LED projectors. In 2011, the mainstream level of LED projection industry is less than 100 lumens. By the end of 2013, it has developed to about 260 A NSI lumens. By the end of 2015, it has reached 550 A NSI lumens. The market heat has increased significantly, and the intelligent micro-projection of LED has gradually got rid of the embarrassment of "light death". However, look at the mainstream bulb projectors, the brightness level 10 years ago has exceeded 2000 ANSI lumens. Generally speaking, 2,300 lumens are available in night family environment, but in daytime shading environment, 80 inch screen needs at least 1000 ANSI lumens, and in bright occasions such as commercial, conference and teaching, it needs higher brightness. In 2016, high-end LED projection products began to enter the 900 ANSI lumen threshold (the objective evaluation of mainstream media is about 700 ANSI lumen), but the corresponding price is generally between 4500-8000 yuan, which exceeds the price of many 65-inch and 70-inch LCD TV sets. More users can only look at the machine and sigh.

Shenzhen cool music is a benchmark brand in the field of intelligent LED projection in China. In the tide of Internet bubble and intelligent hardware, it has always maintained its own independent thinking and characteristics, and is more pragmatic in the carving of product essence and user experience mining. It is reported that the company will return to the bright portable market in the near future on the basis of focusing on hand-held intelligent projection. It is not only a simple return, but also a big surprise to the market and users who are eager for higher performance.

According to reports, this new high-brightness product, S3, will be released recently and raised by many people in Beijing and East China. It will be the first intelligent high-definition LED projector with real brightness exceeding 1000 ANSI lumens in the world. The highest brightness may reach 1200 lumens. It even plans to invite authoritative testing institutions and media notarized brightness test. The company's production. The product manager also disclosed an exaggerated plan and even presented the first batch of users with Illuminometers for their own testing and objective verification. Combined with the minimal light fading and higher color brightness of the LED, the new S3 projector will basically equivalent the color brightness of the new 2000 lumen bulb projector, the average brightness in the long-term use of 8000 hours, and even the average color brightness of the 2500-3000 lumen bulb projector. With such excellent brightness performance, Colossus S3 is not only limited to the use of home cinema and screen-less TV, but also competent for most small and medium-sized meetings, business, education and other occasions. At the same time, the retail price of this product will be within 4000 yuan, basically similar to the traditional bulb projector price, but it has the advantages of portable LED light source, long life, maintenance-free, energy-saving and so on. It can be seen that the Swordhead of Colossus S3 is not only the home market, but also will further stir up the bright business and conference applications occupied by traditional bulb projection.

Of course, the new S3 of Cologne not only has the advantages of high brightness, but also has the advantages of automatic and electric focusing, finger-level precision gesture control, full 3D support, 4K decoding support, new 6-core 64-bit A53 smart chip, built-in HiVi loudspeaker system, wall-mounted projection display and pioneering matching. Set up DTMB receiving system of digital TV and watch free HDTV without network.

With the entry of millet and Le Video, the smart projection market in 2016 has already been in a complicated and surging pattern. The listing of Le Video S3 is undoubtedly a flat thunderstorm, making products and markets more variable.

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